Barrys SS-65 Ver 1.3 Motherboard Design Canadian Copyright Approved

I have just been approved for my 73rd Copyright Canadian approved. The Published work is entitled ” Barrys SS-65 Ver 1.3 Motherboard Design”. The work revises and improve’s upon my SS-65 Motherboard Designs. I am required for the purpose of a National Trademark to make Barrys Scientific Based Products engaging in Commercial activities so I have created a Paypal button that request 5.00 per download as for this particular ┬ádesign. The button and instructions are below. I have also applied the 7.9% Tax Rate that Washington State and Pierce County demand.



Barrys SS-65 Ver 1.3 Motherboard Design Please click add to cart after payment you will be directed to the item where it is located.


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